Children’s Entertainment and Street Fair Rides

Saturday and Sunday

Location: throughout the festival grounds

Entertainment, rides, games and more are located throughout the Festival.

Josh Horton entertains at the Children's Stage in 2012.

Children’s Stage

Come visit the Children’s Stage (Union and Cypress Streets) for some great family fun. In no time at all you'll be amazed by feats of magic, see exotic animals up close, be dancing and marching in the streets, or maybe bringing home a new juggling trick to amaze your friends.

Saturday, September 7
12-12:30: Dan & Galla ~ Musical Show
1-1:40: Philip & Henry ~ Comedy & Magic Fun
2-2:40: David Darwin ~ One Man Side Show
3-3:40: David Darwin ~ One Man Side Show (an edgier act)
4-4:40: Philip & Henry ~ Comedy & Magic Fun
5-5:30: Dan & Galla ~ Musical Show

Sunday, September 8
11-11:30: Dan & Galla ~ Musical Show
12-12:45: Bert the Nerd ~ Comic Entertainer
1-1:45: The Philadelphia Zoo ~ Who's Who at the Zoo
2-2:30: Dan & Galla ~ Musical Show
3-3:45: The Philadelphia Zoo ~ Who's Who at the Zoo
4-4:45: Bert the Nerd ~ Comic Entertainer

Visit the Children's Stage between performances for some extra fun with Dan and Galla.

Stubby the Helicopter visits on Sunday

The American Helicopter Museum of West Chester, Pennsylvania, brings Stubby, an interactive traveling helicopter, to the Mushroom Festival on Sunday. Kids of all ages can sit in the cockpit and learn what it takes to fly a helicopter. Stubby will be in the parking lot next to the Children's Stage (S. Union and Cypress Streets).

Children's Rides

Children's Rides are located near the West Entrance to the Mushroom Festival. Rides include:

  • Far Flung Bungy (in Sovereign Bank  parking lot)
  • Fun House
  • Rocktown
  • Buzz Plane
  • Kite Flyer

Meet Dan and Galla
Dan and Galla's love of music and their positive energy on stage appeals to all ages as they both sing and play numerous instruments. Galla is half-Russian and dances around the stage as she plays flute, balalaika (Russian 3-stringed instrument), guitar and ukulele. Dan is an accomplished pianist and plays keyboards, accordion and trumpet. To learn more, visit their website:

 Meet David Darwin
When I was 9 years old, I decided I wanted to be a stand-up comedian. Not when I grew up, mind you, right away. Since there aren't many comedy venues available when you are 9, I decided I would sell jokes door to door. I went around my neighborhood knocking on doors and telling people I was selling jokes at 10 cents a joke. One guy actually fell down laughing when he heard this, so I charged him and surprisingly, he paid. I made a little over $4 that day and ever since I have been making people laugh until they gave me money.

I learned to juggle in high school and began performing part-time while getting a degree in journalism from Penn State. By the time I graduated in 2000 I decided I didn't want to get a day job. I was just going to perform full-time. I've never worked a real job, I'm very proud of that.

In 2006 I was a semi-finalist on America's Got Talent. In the first round I did my comedy contortion routine. In the semi-finals I sang “The Masochism Tango” by Tom Lehrer while performing many of my sideshow skills. I was assisted in the second round by the lovely and talented Melissa Forgione. Because while I am a One Man Sideshow, it takes two to tango. I didn't win the million dollars, that's why I'm here.

Meet Bert the Nerd

Bert the Nerd is a born entertainer. You may have seen him on Late Night with David Letterman, in Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, at Washington DC’s National Theater or the U.S. Vice Presidential Mansion (by invitation only). Although he has wowed audiences in over 20 countries, he still proudly wows the cats in his mother’s basement. Young and old marvel at his quirky ways, whether he’s perched atop a giant unicycle, flinging around chickens and plungers, or demonstrating karate, The hilariously offbeat “Bert the Nerd Thrill Show” is certainly a must-see!

 The Magic and Comedy from Phillip and Henry

Our amazing magic show is a 40-minute, high-energy performance with lots of audience participation and interaction! There is nothing scary in our shows; instead we focus on comedy and amazing magic tricks with silks, rings, ropes and disappearing objects! That means all of our shows are fun, laughter-filled and guaranteed to create happy memories to last a lifetime!

Scenes from the Children's Stage