The 2013 National Fried Mushroom Eating Championship

“Let Kennett Square forever be known not only as the Mushroom Capital of the World but as home of the world”s Fried Mushroom Eating Championship!”
– Todd Greenwald, All Pro Eating Promotions


World Record Smashed in the National Fried Mushroom Eating Championship — 9 pounds in 8 minutes!

When Buona Food”s supplied the fried mushrooms for this year”s eating contest no one had any idea as to what would happen.  The breaded and fried mushrooms were accurately measured into one-pound containers and placed in front of the 20 contestants. When the whistle blew 8 minutes later, Molly Schuyler, of Omaha Nebraska clearly smashed the competition and record by devouring 9 pounds of fried mushrooms in 8 minutes! Shots of the event are below.

McDonald sets Fried Mushroom Eating World Record — 5.5 pounds

wp-image-2725″ title=”winner” alt=”" src=”” width=”600″ height=”402″ /> Jamie “Bear” McDonald (center) is congratulated by contest sponsors Peter and Gale Ferranto of Buona Foods. He devoured 5.5 pounds of Fried Mushrooms in eight minutes to establish this first record.

The Mushroom Festival kicked-off a new tradition for 2012 with the National Fried Mushroom Eating Contest. This National Championship was the first All Pro Eating sanctioned Fried Mushroom Eating Championship EVER! Jamie “the Bear” McDonald devoured a whopping 5.5 pounds of fried mushrooms in 8 minutes to establish the Fried Mushroom Eating Record!

This event attracted both professional and amateur competitive eaters to the Mushroom Festival”s Special Events Tent on Saturday, September 8.

The results:
1st Place: Jamie “the Bear” McDonald — 5.5 pounds of fried mushrooms –$600.00 / Trophy
2nd Place: Dave Brunelli — 4.75 pounds of fried mushrooms — $300.00 prize
3rd Place: Eric “Silo” Dahl –4.5 pounds of fried mushrooms– $150.00 prize

This event is presented at the Mushroom Festival in cooperation with All Pro Eating Promotions. For questions about the contest, email All Pro Easting Promotions at:

Fried mushrooms were provided by Buona Foods, of Landenberg, Pa.